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Custom Home Building

Whether it’s aspiring to construct a first home for a burgeoning family or designing & building a secondary house or summer home for a recent retiree, local clients in Tennessee who are clamoring for a custom home can take solace in the fact that our company owns decades of construction experience and possesses a penchant for superseding even the loftiest of customer expectations. From the introductory site assessment where the preliminary mapping & design are initiated or until the last nail is hammered and the construction particulars are finalized, we endeavor to ensure the custom home building process is as prompt and pain-free as productively possible. Get in touch with our custom home specialists to garner more insightful information, such as stress-free scheduling, tangible timeframes, and/or any pricing particulars.

Full Service Renovations

We understand the importance of weighing spatial capacity, ambient aesthetics, and budget-balancing when undertaking a renovation project on behalf of one of our valued Tennessee clients. No two properties are ultimately the same in the aspects of design, layout, or even potential which is why it’s essential to adapt a renovation process that is inherently catered to a specific property on an individualized level. In light of this, we’ve made it a company-wide mission of ours to adhere to the strictest of standards in terms of quality coverage, competitive cost, design diversity, and specialized service(s). Current or potential clientele, please take note of the fact that we contract our renovation services at the behest of our esteemed patrons and are quite adept in both full and partial property renovations.

Building In Chattanooga

Depending on the size of your Chattanooga, TN property’s parcel, the allotted space designated for structural construction, and the time frames in which the project requires completion, it may be prudent to explore what professional coverage can be commissioned in order to safeguard the enterprise against delays, degradation, and disorganization. Regardless if it’s a first-time homeowner seeking to develop a plot of land in order to accommodate a new home or if it’s seasoned Chattanooga, TN resident in search a viable options towards renovating your home’s interior/exterior, it’s always in the best interest of locals to consider recruiting the leading local authority regarding home construction & improvement: us here at John Paul Greene Custom Homes.

“Offering a valuable service or quality products should never be an aspiration or quintessential pursuit of a local business. Instead, providing stellar service or quality coverage should be inherently standardized from/during the actual inception of said business. This promotes a "raising of the bar" as opposed to simply "meeting the minimum" in many regards to the service-based industry.”

John Paul Greene Custom Homes

Why Choose John Paul Greene Custom Homes


An affinity for accommodation-based affluency and a penchant for professional proficiency has played an integral role in the success of our company, John Paul Greene Custom Homes, as a leading custom home builder and coverage provider throughout the many counties and communities in Tennessee.

By combining literal generations of experience in both customized construction & renovation/remodeling capacities with an equal level of new/custom home building expertise, we are confident in our ability to realize the true potential of a given patron’s property; the size, scale, or ambition of the construction-based enterprise notwithstanding. Our all-inclusive, full-service approach towards fulfilling any/all renovation needs or new home constructs are successfully spearheaded by several core standards; chief among those being to remain consistent in quality, punctual in productivity, and adaptable in application. To put it succinctly, as a company, our unwavering goal is to maintain the same results-driven stance on the promptness and versatility in which we were founded on.

"Choosing the right tools for the job, is second only to choosing the right people for the job!"

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