The History of John Paul Greene Custom Homes


John Paul Greene, a lifetime Chattanooga area resident, specializes in custom home building and remodeling. Launched in 1978, Mr. Greene's homebuilding and remodeling business continues to evolve to this day. John Paul Greene Custom Homes is a collaborative effort of expert craftsmen and skilled artisans who give customers unique home ideas and expression. Mr. Greene has drawn off the expertise of home energy advisors, interior designers as well as home entertainment specialists. John Paul has completed hundreds of projects in the Chattanooga area over the past 30 years and will work with you every step of the way to make your dream home a reality.

You can have the confidence of making these decisions knowing you have the experts by your side helping you out the entire time from picking out a lot to moving in and beyond. At the customer’s request we bring in consultants for specific parts of the process such as energy consultants, home theater experts and interior designers. Building a home with John Paul Greene is a truly custom experience that can only be offered by a licensed Contractor with over thirty years of experience working in and around Chattanooga.

As has been said, John Paul works closely with each and every client and gives you a form of personal service others cannot offer. John Paul understands that you are building your dream home and he keeps you actively involved in the building process. You the customer are involved in the decision making for every major aspect of your future home. Unlike other builders in the area, we build the home that you envision. Working with us you aren’t limited to any specific plan or lot, it is all you decision. You will be able to choose everything from paint colors to where you want your home to be built and everything else along the way.


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